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Autumn has always been seen as a time to retire from the outdoors and throw away the back door key until the weather warms up again. Yet it can be the season to transform your garden into a russet wonderland – and enjoy the outside all year round.

Garden lighting

Obviously, the evenings are noticeably shorter as the sun sets earlier each night. Yet, fresh evenings are beautiful when the air is crisp and a dusk-light hangs over the lawn. However, this dimmer time does not allow for much visibility. September and October are ideal months to invest in some good garden lighting as it gives you time before winter to install and experiment.

Solar powered garden lights can still be very effective even during the darker months. If you’re not sure that solar-powered lights will be quite bright enough, you can mix and match solar powered lights with normal garden types and candles, helping you to stay energy efficient and well-lit throughout the year. 

Create cosy cover

There are few things in life more blissful than sitting undercover in your autumn garden with a hot cup of tea, listening to the rain hitting your plants and breathing in the sweet fragrance that the water droplets release from the flora and fauna. Installing a covered area, such as a gazebo, will ensure that you can while away autumn days in just this way, rather than huddled inside your house away from nature. Blankets are a must.

Whether you invest in a gazebo, or simply transform an old garden shed into a cosy hideout, creating a nest at the back of your garden will transform the way you think about your garden through the seasons. Filling your outside shelter with blankets, cushions, and stringing up some warm fairy lights will ensure you’re never caught out in the cold.

Autumn garden wildlife and planting

Embracing the natural changes that are occurring in your garden is the best way to harness autumn garden inspiration. By working with the season, your garden aesthetic will be harmonious with the world around it. 

One of the best ways to embrace autumn in your garden is to encourage the local wildlife - from collecting bundles of sticks and placing them in corners of your garden along with raked up leaves for small mammals to shelter in, to having nest boxes available for birds to use to keep warm.

Another piece of autumn garden inspiration advice is to get planting in your garden! Summer blooming may be over, but it is the perfect time to do a spot of gardening to make sure you have beautiful plants blossoming even in winter. You can plant containers with flowers such as Violas, which flower in winter and last all the way through to early spring. Having budding and colourful plants in your garden, or even planting ones ready for next year, will keep you in tune with your outdoors and give you plenty to tend to and look forward to.

Autumn garden furniture – and eating!

Summer may have seen you lounging on deck chairs, shading beneath parasols and lighting up the barbecue, but autumn changes the way you’ll use your garden. Many find that the best way to use their garden is to have a range of garden furniture available for different seasons throughout the year. Autumn garden furniture comes in many varieties, whether you need weather-resistant garden dining sets to withstand the downpours, or have a great sheltered area in your garden where you can set up a lounging area without risk of tarnishing.

Firepits and chimineas are great at this time of year, whether you’re roasting marshmallows or making jacket potatoes on Bonfire Night. If you don’t have a sheltered area, you can use weather-resistant chairs and tables and bring out cushions on the night. A waterproof parasol is also a great idea! 

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