At The Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association (LOFA), we are committed to maintaining an association of leading companies who adhere to our exacting code of practice. This means that, when you buy from a LOFA accredited member, you can be assured that the company will provide products of a design and quality that exceeds the industry standard, making them leading suppliers of outdoor leisure products, both in the UK and worldwide.


To become a LOFA member, the company must demonstrate to us that they meet our high standards, providing evidence of their unwavering commitment to the highest quality of manufacturing and their ethical operation of business. Once the comprehensive LOFA standards have been proven to be met, we then and only then grant membership to the company.


We are proud of our work to promote and encourage this excellence in both product and business practice, and staunchly believe that LOFA members are an elite group of traders who you can rigorously trust to provide you with the optimum in leisure and outdoor furniture.


What Can You Expect from a LOFA Member?


A LOFA member will be responsible for upholding a standard of service as outlined in their application, which we monitor to ensure consistency. LOFA’s standards cover a variety of areas, from fiscal responsibility to ethical practice to VAT registration.

When you buy from a LOFA member, you can be sure of the following things:


Financial Stability

Because of our strict financial guidelines, you can have confidence in the ethical practices and financial stability of the companies you’re purchasing from. This means that from the warranty to the VAT, the compliance of our members ensures an open and honest financial status.

Product Standards

The legal and technical standards that our members must adhere to assures an exceptional product quality for anyone purchasing from a LOFA member. Our members comply with all of the legislation and industry guidelines that are appropriate to the market, along with relevant technical standards which are set by industry authorities.  Therefore the products offered by LOFA members are entirely fit for purpose.

Ethical Trading

We ensure that all of our members comply with fair trading practices. This means that LOFA members must make sure that their actions do not in any way distort market competition, and commit to conducting their business in an open and transparent manner, without bias, as LOFA does. This promise of ethical trading benefits you, the consumer, as you can be sure you’re being presented an uncorrupted view of the available products in the market.

Environmental Practises

As part of our membership application, we require that a business has a written policy that outlines how their business practices are beneficial for a sustainability and environmental standpoint, both legally and ethically. Therefore, LOFA members are environmentally conscious and conduct their manufacturing processes in an environmentally friendly way.


We require that all LOFA members comply with legislation relating to their working practises and employees, ensuring the correct enforcement of health and safety, equal opportunities, anti-bribery, employment, and data protection legislation. You can be confident that, in supporting LOFA members, you are advocating ethical and correctly run companies.

Intellectual Property

At LOFA, we are affiliated with ‘Anti-Copyright in Design’, and this applies to all of our members, We support unique designs and products that do not break any of the regulations for copyright infringement, promoting individual and creative product design to supply to the consumer.  

Customer Service Policy

LOFA members must provide a carefully considered and documented customer service policy upon application. Therefore, when you choose a LOFA member, you can be sure that any customer service related queries or complaints will be handled competently, professionally, and with the goal of a fair resolution for the customer.




If a LOFA member does not comply with the above regulations, decisive action is taken by LOFA; we are committed to ensuring that the very highest standards are upheld within our trade association so that consumers can turn to our members and be confident in the LOFA name to guarantee exceptional quality and practises.


The LOFA website allows you to browse our full list of members, making it easy for you to find the right products for you and your requirements. We feature detailed product profiles that showcase the latest and best new products from our members, discussing features and benefits which should aid your decision making when you’re looking to buy new garden furniture and accessories. Whilst here, why not take a browse of our informative articles, to find out everything from the history of the gazebo, to how to best care for your garden parasol?